Modern Illustrated kamasutra

Erotic Positions for Seduction, Pleasure and Comfort

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Why Kamasutra?

Do you find the sex in your relationship boring and a bit predictable? Would you like to spice up the sexual intimacy with your significant other? If you answered, "yes" then kamasutra could be just the thing...

The Benefits

Improves your sexual experiences better than anything else, Revs up your libido and sex drive, Boosts your overall sex knowledge, Makes sex remain exciting in your relationship for years to come

Modern Illustrated Kamasutra

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" I’ve heard about Kamasutra a million times but I’ve never really tried it. Me and my boyfriend finally decided to give it a go and that’s why we got this Modern Illustrated Kamasutra . We were very excited about it and for a good reason – some of the positions may seem extreme or weird but they really feel good. So far we went through less than half of the book and we couldn’t be happier that we got it! It really changed our life for better, not only in the bedroom but as a loving and understanding couple.."

Kelly Bender - San Diego, CA

" I got Kamasutra after a friend of mine has recommended it to me and I wasn’t sure what to expect at first. My husband and I are together for over 8 years and that was our first Kamasutra book. We approached it with an opened mind and heart and we are very happy with what it brought into our lives. Even after so many years of marriage, we were able to discover each other all over again and act like it is one of our first dates. I’d recommend the book to anyone, no matter the age!"

Sharon Heade - New York, NY

" I really like Kamasutra and have read different books about it but each time I see a new release, I just can’t help myself and have to get it. Kamasutra is a very well researched and put together book, one of the best ones I’ve stumbled upon until now. I would definitely recommend it to anyone – novice or advanced. Unfortunately there are some not-so-great releases out there, but author of ’Modern Illustrated Kamasutra’ made sure to deliver a product of the Highest Quality! If you are still on the edge about Kamasutra, don’t hesitate and get the book now. 5 Stars from me."

Reena Deer - Chicaco, IL